Advocacy Resources

As a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant, advocacy can take on many forms. On a wide scale, this can look like hosting a practice visit, to talking with a legislator, to attending a national federal affairs forum.  On a more specific level, this can look like ensuring the patient in front of you has access to and understanding of a clear path to health and wellness.

On the national level, APTA’s Government Affairs team serves as the voice for APTA members in Washington, DC. On the state level, the NCPTA serves as the voice for members in Raleigh.  Through lobbying, grassroots, and regulatory advocacy, the APTA and NCPTA aim to drive policy on the issues that impact physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, physical therapy students, and the patients and clients they serve.

The APTA has many resources to explain why advocacy is important for our profession and how you can get involved.  Learn more here.

The NCPTA also has several resources to support your efforts and events to attend in order to affect real change in your area.  Learn more here.